Protein Supplements

Even those who are not familiar with the world of professional athletes and weight training are aware of the higher need of lots of protein in the diet of someone who is trying to build healthy muscle. So nobody should confuse the very common activity of supplementing diet with protein drinks or supplements with some of the unethical and unacceptable performance enhancing drugs that have gotten even some of our finest athletes in trouble.

The discipline of bodybuilding demands 100% commitment. An athlete devoting himself to muscle building must adjust his lifestyle, he workouts and his diet so everything he does supports that goal. While diet alone can be adjusted to dramatically increase the intake of carbohydrates and proteins, to make serious progress, the body must be supplied with additional protein to help the muscles being worked out with the fuel to build more muscle. This is why it is very common for serious weight lifters to take proteins supplements.

It isn’t complicated why the priority on muscle building calls for a high protein intake by the athlete. When a body builder lifts weights and does other exercises to build and tone muscle, each session breaks down fat and muscle. The body then repairs that muscle by replacing it with stronger muscle. This happens during the next 48 hours after the exercise and it is why worked out muscles hurt. It is a good hurt because it is the hurt of muscle being built. During those hours, a tremendous amount of protein is needed because protein is the core component of muscle.

It is the convenience and speed at which protein supplements work that makes them a great way for athletes to increase the protein in their bodies. It is important to note that taking these supplements doesn’t replace the need for a healthy diet. A supplement is just that, something to take in addition to a well rounded and healthy diet. To make progress, the athlete must maintain a diet that provides for all of his or her vitamin and nutrition needs. So mealtime is important and it can be a source of plenty of protein.

But since muscle building requires so much protein, it really isn’t practical for the athlete to each meat and cheese and other protein foods in that quantity. The powdered supplement form of protein allows the athlete to provide to the muscle building process much more protein that is ordinarily needed which accelerates the process of muscle construction. The supplement can be added to juice as a powder or eaten in the form of a protein bar. Whatever the make up of the supplement, the outcome will be that the muscle building process is accelerated and the body builder reaches his goal more efficiently and quickly.

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