Iron Supplement

On a daily basis, most healthy adults do not need to supplement the amount of iron that you get from their diet. If you eat a healthy and normal diet that is well rounded, you are probably going to get sufficient iron from your foods. But if you have a history of anemia in your family or you have a medical circumstance that could result in anemia, it is wise to get some consultation from your doctor on the types and intensities of iron supplements to take and get on a program to stabilize this part of your health picture fairly quickly.

Doctors will often suggest an iron supplement if you are pregnant or if there has been an injury where you need to increase the iron level in your blood. But there are categories of people who are going through a dramatic physical change where keeping an eye on your iron levels is a good idea. Children or teenagers who are experiencing a growth spurt should be monitored for their iron levels. Girls entering adolescence or women in menopause often get anemic and need to supplement their iron. The elderly are another class of people who will occasionally need some help with this part of their health profile because of changes in diet or a higher need for iron in the blood.

Some terms to be aware of when you begin to examine iron supplements are "ferris" and "ferric" iron and "elemental iron". Of the two categories ferris iron is easier for the body to absorb and put to work than ferric iron. "Elemental iron" is a listing you will see on the label of the supplemental that simply means how much of the iron in that supplement that will get absorbed by the body. You may have a supplement that has a high iron content but a low percentage of elemental iron and you will get less benefit from that supplement because a lower amount of the iron in the supplement will actually be used by your body.

As we mentioned, most people get the iron they need naturally so unless there is a medical need, you should not add iron supplements to a normal daily diet the way you might take a multivitamin or fiber supplements. Because you almost always add an iron supplement to your diet because of some medical concern, you will have an opportunity to discuss the side effects of the iron supplement so you can avoid unpleasant results from a supplement you are taking for your health.

While most iron supplements are not dangerous, in order to be restored to full health, let your doctor guide the kind of supplement to get and how to use it. The advice of your doctor is also crucial before starting to use iron supplements if you are on other medications. But by being cautious with how you use this kind of supplement to address a medical need, you can get a lot of benefit from iron supplements and be restored to full health so you don't need them anymore.

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