Iodine Supplements

Most of us don't think about our metabolisms very much. But the metabolism is a crucial part of our make up that helps us maintain our weight levels and that regulates how the foods we eat provide energy and stamina for the challenges we face every day. But the situation that might arise in your life where you detect that your metabolism is not functioning as expected would be if you have regulating your diet and exercise with an expectation of weight loss and it simply will not happen. This may be a symptom of inactivity in your thyroid gland, which is a condition known as hypothyroidism.

Other symptoms of hypothyroidism might include low sex drive, fatigue, listlessness, poor memory or a shorter temper than usual. The condition can even result in problems with your skin and yellowing of your teeth and finger and toenails. The good news is that hypothyroidism is very often the result of low iodine in your system, which can be corrected with supplements that are easy to access and use. This means that a condition that you might have considered to be chronic may be easily treated so you can return to a healthy lifestyle once the iodine levels in your body are normalized.

The thyroid gland has an important job of regulating the rate at which our bodies burn calories, retain water and nutrients and burn fat. If the thyroid glad doesn’t get the iodine it needs to operate, it can slow down which causes the body to retain fat and water, which results in weight gain that will not go away. The resulting slowing of the metabolism means you will feel sluggish, slow witted and you will tire easily. These symptoms are easy to misdiagnose as a dire disease. But by having your doctor look at your level of iodine retention and how well your metabolism is functioning, he or she may simply recommend iodine supplements to jump start that thyroid and get you on track to a healthy weight and a healthy lifestyle in no time.

What might be surprising is that the body needs just a small amount of iodine retention to function properly. In most cases, iodine can be absorbed from foods. It is present in salts and some types of seafood such as kelp. So there are natural supplements that can be used to return your body to a healthy iodine level. But if you are going to pursue a treatment of iodine supplements other than through food therapy, be sure you get a doctor's guidance because he or she can recommend the necessary vitamins you will need to accompany the increase in iodine and the prescription for your supplements can be tailored so you are not susceptible to iodine overdose.

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